Zachary Trumble was the uncle of the deranged Jerome Valeska and Jeremiah Valeska as well as the brother of Lila Valeska.


When Jerome was little, Zachary put his nephew's hand in a pot of boiling chicken stock because Jerome tried to steal a snickerdoodle. Years later, Jerome pays his uncle a visit at his diner after his breakout from Arkham Asylum. When cops appear, Zachary is forced to cover for his nephew after the latter threatened him. Afterwards, Jerome is revealed to hid under the table before talking to his uncle. Zachary soon revealed that he prepared three different soups where one was for himself, one was for Jerome, and one was for Lunkhead who showed up to help. Zachary was aware of Jerome coming after him, so he had help and proceeds to torture his nephew. When Bruce Wayne showed up to confront Jerome, Zachary tried to have him leave but the latter was insistent on having them call the cops. Realizing he won't leave, he had Lunkhead attacked as Jerome tried to get Zachary to ingest bleach. Though Zachary got out of it by writing down the address for St. Ignatius, Jerome still killed him. Zachary's written address would later be used by Bruce when he calls up Jim Gordon.[1]

Xander Wilde mentioned to Gordon and Harvey Bullock that his uncle Zachary smuggled him away from Haly's Circus and placed him at St. Ignatius when Jerome started to become dangerous to him.[2]


Season 4


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