Yellen Shipyard is a shipyard in Gotham City.


Yellen Shipyard was raided by The Maniax, who stole refueling truck out of a hundred service vehicles. They also kidnapped seven employees of the shipyard, and dropped them off the Gotham Gazette building.[1]


  • M (deceased) (real name; unknown)
  • A (deceased) (real name; unknown)
  • N (deceased) (real name; unknown)
  • I (deceased) (real name; unknown)
  • A (deceased) (real name; unknown)
  • X (deceased) (real name; unknown)


Season 2


  1. Woodruff, Ken (writer) & Bailey, Rob (director) (September 28, 2015). "Rise of the Villains: Knock, Knock". Gotham. Season 2. Episode 2. FOX.

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