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"I can freeze you, like we planned. I can bring your temperature down to 200 degrees below zero, and I can stop this disease from killing you."
Victor Fries to Nora Fries

"Wrath of the Villains: Mr. Freeze" is the twelfth episode of the second season of Gotham. It aired on February 29, 2016.


Penguin takes a hit for Galavan’s murder, but doesn’t let Gordon off easily. Meanwhile, Gordon and Bullock investigate the body-snatching spree of Victor Fries, one of Gotham’s preeminent cryogenics engineers[3]


A month later, Jim Gordon appears to give his testimony to led by Harvey Dent and Captain Barnes to clarify his actions on the night Theo Galavan was killed. With images of the murder of Galavan cutting through his head, Jim answered each of the prosecutor's questions attributing what had happened to Penguin. When the testimony ended, Gordon was exonerated of any blame for Galavan's death and reinstated as a Detective. Gordon goes home with Leslie Thompkins while Barnes and Dent, watch together from above, not convinced of his words. Meanwhile, the GCPD carries out an intensive search to capture the Penguin while the media continues to wonder who was the new boss of the underworld.

At Penguin's base, Butch kills a man with his hand-drill in his role as the new king of Gotham. After being left alone, Tabitha Galavan quietly approaches him offering the proposal of an alliance. However, Butch rejects it remembering what she did to him, but the sexual chemistry between them ends up making him change his mind. Then finally close the deal with a passionate kiss without knowing that Selina Kyle was spying from a ventilation gap. Simultaneously, the police are issued an alert for the kidnapping of a man, and a GCPD officer stops Victor Fries who was suspiciously putting something in the trunk of his blue van. After asking to see the inside of Victor's trunk, the officer sees the kidnapped man completely frozen in the trunk of the vehicle, and the woman tries to stop Victor but he rushes to get ahold of his gear, freezing her from head to toe with a cryogenic gun before escaping.

The next morning at the GCPD, Jim arrives and Bullock quickly tells him about the case of the lunatic who froze the officer the night before. To initiate the investigation they go to Edward Nygma who, after experimenting, concludes that the attacker would be using liquid helium to easily freeze human victims. At one point, because of the urgency of the case, Harvey insults Ed for asking unrequited questions, however, since after his insult clearly infuriates Nygma, Bullock apologizes. After that, Nygma commits to making a list of the companies in the city that manufactured liquid helium, but before leaving Gordon interrogates Ed about his relationship with Penguin. However, Ed clarifies that he made a mistake helping Penguin, believing that he would change, but the conversation is interrupted by an unexpected uproar in the main area. There they see Captain Barnes arriving, dragging directly to a cell, and berating the other GCPD officers for clapping. Gordon then approached Barnes, and the latter told him that they'd finally know the truth about the murder of Theo Galavan.

In the interrogation room, Barnes was face to face with Penguin, interrogating him to see if Gordon was involved in the death of Theo Galavan, but Cobblepot confesses to the murder claiming that he was insane. Afterward, Captain Barnes meets with Jim in his office to inform him Cobblepot had backed his testimony. However, after welcoming Jim back, he tells him that he was trusting him, and not to make a fool out of him. Meanwhile, Victor returns home where his dying wife Nora was still asleep. When she wakes up and notices his demeanor, he confesses that he was having trouble reanimating the "mice" with which he was experimenting on. Despite these setbacks, he promised to advance his efforts to freeze her to stop the disease that was killing her until he could find a cure.

At the GCPD, Bullock informs Gordon that only Wayne Enterprises made liquid helium in the city, and in the last month, there were three other abductions by the suspect in the blue van. At his home, Victor went down to his lab to continue his reanimation of victims he had frozen. Meanwhile, Ed checks a file cabinet near Penguin's cell to check on him. Ed agrees to visit Gertrud Kapelput's grave and to bring lilies, and then an officer appeared to take Penguin away to Arkham Asylum. Back in Victor's laboratory, Victor begins to reanimate subject A14, by raising his body temperature. At a diner, Gordon and Bullock discover from Lucius Fox that Wayne Enterprises did manufacture liquid helium as a part of their cryogenics program. However, Thomas Wayne had shut the program down along with a few others for unknown reasons.

At Arkham Asylum, Penguin reaches the cafeteria and is hit in the face with food thrown by another inmate, he is then greeted by jeers from the other inmates, notably a patient named Nigel. Annoyed, he chooses to stand in the middle of the room to clarify that, as the king of Gotham, he was a powerful person. But contrary to his expectations, the teasing intensifies. In Victor's laboratory for a brief period, Victor had thought the version of his freeze formula had worked finally, but to his frustration, the body of his victim ending up rotting in an accelerated manner in a mass of fluid and bones. Upstairs Nora suffers from another attack that makes her spit up blood. Anxiously her husband goes to her side and gives her the last pill out of the formoterol bottle, the drug that could prevent the attack. Desperate, Victor goes to Park Surgical to re-fill the medicine bottle but the pharmacist repeatedly refuses to help, as he needed a doctor to fill out a prescription for a refill of the medicine. Eventually, Victor loses his calm, throwing the formoterol bottle to the pharmacist and leaves promising to return in a fit of rage.

At Arkham, Oswald waits outside of Professor Hugo Strange's office, going in after he completed his appointment with Nigel. Meanwhile, Victor returns to Park Surgical wearing his antifreeze suit and armed with his freeze gun. After freezing the guard the place and ordering Peter to supply him with formoterol, he freezes the pharmacist intending to use him as a test subject. At the same time, Gordon and Bullock are alerted to the attack on the pharmacy and they soon arrive but after a brief chase, Victor gets rid of them by making them collide with the frozen body of the security guard. At Arkham, Strange analyzes the Penguin, trying to understand his recent actions and emotions, and Strang ends the meeting telling him that he was confident that they would be able to facilitate his rehabilitation.

When Victor returns home to take the pharmacist to his lab, Nora hears noises and goes to the laboratory looking for her husband. However, instead of finding her husband, she instead finds the bodies of the people Victor had frozen. Meanwhile, at Park Surgical, witnesses help Bullock find the bottle Victor had thrown at the pharmacist earlier with Nora's name on it. Gordon, Bullock, and several patrol cars quickly go to the Fries home. After descending into Victor's laboratory they find incriminating evidence along with Nora, still stunned by her discovery. The Detectives took Nora back to the GCPD for questioning, without realizing that Victor was watching nearby. Meanwhile, at Arkham, Penguin on the way to his cell sees that Nigel had removed the eyes after being given the advice by Professor Strange of "see no evil, do no evil", much to Cobblepot's horror.

In the interrogation room of the GCPD, Nora refuses to betray her husband because although he had committed horrible acts, he had done so just to save her. At the same time the body of Alex, the pharmacist, thaws in the morgue without Nygma noticing. Victor goes back to the GCPD to surrender for his crimes. However, he is unexpectedly order to take a seat next to the other four subjects who also claimed to have committed​ his crimes. However, after a few minutes waiting he was surprised to see the pharmacist who had been reanimated successfully, walking the grounds and asking for help. Realizing that his formula had worked, Victor decides to leave the GCPD with the intention of rescuing Nora.

At Arkham, Professor Strange goes to a hall in which there was a wall that concealed an elevator to the Indian Hill facility. In the elevator he pulls out a tape recorder to record his notes on Penguin, explaining that the only way to cure it was through immersive aversion therapy and radical psychotropics. Arriving at the facility, he is greeted by Ethel Peabody who tells him that Bridgit Pike wasn't cooperating with their experiments and that she had to reschedule his meeting with Councilman Carter, once again. She then tells him that Victor Fries had solved the problem of post-cryonic reanimation giving him the latest​ edition of the Gotham Gazette which dubbed Fries, "Mr. Freeze".



  • Hugo Strange was originally introduced as a Batman villain in the comics, and was actually one of Batman's first recurring enemies.
  • Victor Fries was originally introduced as the Batman villain Mister Freeze originally known as Mister Zero in the comics.
  • Victor Fries uses the phrase "I'll be back", a catchphrase used by Arnold Schwarzenegger, who played Mr Freeze in the 1997 film Batman and Robin.
  • Nora Fries was originally created for the DCAU, first appearing in the classic Batman: The Animated Series episode "Heart of Ice."
  • Bridgit Pike is referenced to by Ethel Peabody, in which it is said she isn't cooperating with the experiments. This is a call back to her being sent to Indian Hill at the end of the episode "Rise of the Villains: By Fire".


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