White Rabbit is a young man who was hypnotized by a vengeful and deranged Jervis Tetch to leave cryptic clues to Jim Gordon on the whereabouts of Tetch's victims.


Hypnotized by Jervis Tetch

The White Rabbit is a white-haired man in a white suit who was hypnotized to serve Jervis Tetch. He was used as a messenger where he brought Jim Gordon to an overpass where Gordon had to choose to prevent a hypnotized Dave Walters and Amy Walters from falling off the overpass or save a hypnotized boy named Shane from getting hit by a truck. This led to Gordon saving Shane at the cost of Dave and Amy. When the police arrived at the scene, Harvey Bullock told Nathaniel Barnes about White Rabbit blabbering his message for Jim Gordon. At the Gotham City Police Department, Nathaniel Barnes was unable to get some answers out of White Rabbit. Upon being told to "ask an old friend how to get to the end," Gordon visits White Rabbit's cell in order to find where Jervis is holding Leslie Thompkins and Valerie Vale. Upon White Rabbit signaling for some pen and paper, Gordon gets him those items where he writes down some information that leads to Gordon's confrontation with Jervis at Leslie Thompkins' apartment.[1]


Season 3


  • There have been several characters in the DC Comics Universe with the name the White Rabbit. This character appears to share elements with some of these different versions, such as Jaina Hudson as they share a similar modus operandi, and he also shares a striking similarity to another character who is also called the "White Rabbit".
  • The White Rabbit is a clear nod to the character of the same name from Lewis Carroll's book Alice's Adventures in Wonderland, a story which Jervis Tetch is obsessed with in the DC Comics Universe.
  • The Lapels of the White Rabbits suit looks like a white rabbits ears


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