Wayne Manor is the ancestral home of the Wayne family since 1914.


Wayne Manor was penetrated by a group of hired thugs working for Hugo Strange who were intent upon taking Thomas Wayne's files pertaining to Strange's experiments. They beat up and gagged the gate guard Nigel Hayward, and disabled the Manor's security system. They were interrupted by Thomas Wayne, who fired and wounded at least one of them. The wounded intruder, Byron Stone, was about to kill Thomas when he was taken out by Alfred Pennyworth.[1]

Wayne Manor was invaded by Larissa Diaz in an attempt to assassinate Selina Kyle, who was staying there.[2]

Alfred's old friend Reginald Payne came to stay with him and Bruce, although unknown to them he was sent by Wayne Enterprises to see what Bruce had on their activities. Reg was caught by Alfred lingering around the study at night, and Reg stabbed Alfred in response and fled.[3]

Bruce and Alfred discovered a secret passageway behind the fireplace which led to a cave containing equipment and computers that Thomas Wayne was working with in his attempt to investigate, and later work against, Wayne Enterprises.[4][5]

The Manor got invaded again, this time by a resurrected Theo Galavan who planned to kill Bruce to full-fill a goal set by the Order of St. Dumas, a plot which previously failed. But his second attempt at ending Bruce's life failed when a vengeful Oswald Cobblepot arrived and had his henchman Butch Gilzean blow Galavan to pieces with a bazooka in retaliation for Galavan having his mother killed.

A few weeks later Bruce and Alfred returned to the manor after spending time in Switzerland to research the mysterious secret council controlling Gotham. Another intruder in the form of the council's assassin Talon arrived, where he knocked Alfred unconscious and kidnapped Bruce. He was later returned to the manor by the Talon after a meeting with the secret council's representative Kathryn.

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