Wayne Enterprises is a multinational company founded by the Wayne family.



Wayne Enterprises is a company that is located in Gotham City. It is shown to have some subsidiaries such as WellZyn. After Thomas Wayne and Martha Wayne were killed by an unknown mugger[1], Wayne Enterprises was run by its Board of Directors.  

Bruce looking into illegal activities

Sid Bunderslaw later mentioned to Bruce Wayne that Thomas Wayne and his father had kept quiet about the illegal activities at Wayne Enterprise. Wayne Enterprises is revealed to be the owners of Pinewood Farms which is a bio-engineering farm that did different bio-engineering experiments. This is where Karen Jennings was brought to in order to change her crippling arm. The result was that Karen gained a reptilian arm.[2]

Connection To Indian Hill 

Bridgit Pike is brought to Indian Hill after being presumed dead by the GCPD and Gotham.  It is revealed to be run by Wayne Enterprises. Theo Galavan is later brough to Indian hill after being murdered by Oswald Cobblepot and Jim Gordon

Connection to Pinewood

Run by The Court of owls

Wayne Enterprises is actually run by a mysterious organization known as The Court of Owls, who are also secretly in control of Gotham City.[3]

Bruce Wayne and Alfred Pennyworth confront the Board of Directors about the company's connections with Indian Hill. After Alfred tells Crowley not to speak out of turn, Bruce states that he will meet with each of them one by one. Someone on the Board informs The Court about Bruce's actions.It is revealed that after the closure of Indian Hill that Wayne Enterprises had the corpses kept by Hugo Strange relocated to another facility (with one of the deceased being Jerome Valeska) and were preserved in chambers.[4]


Divisions of Wayne Enterprises

Subsidiaries of Wayne Enterprises


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  • Wayne Enterprises first appeared in Batman #307 (January, 1979).
  • The logo for Wayne Enterprises is the same one used in the Dark Knight Trilogy and DC Extended Universe.


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