The Valeska family was a family in Gotham City.


Paul Cicero and Lila Valeska had a son named Jerome Valeska, but Paul and Lila broke. In an attempt to give Jerome a better father, Lila created a fictional man named Sven Karlsen and said that he was his father and had died in the sea. Lila and Jerome would later join Haly's Circus. After Lila had sexual relationships with several men near Jerome's room, he killed her with a hatchet. Eventually, he was caught and taken to Arkham Asylum.[1] Jerome later joined The Maniax, with whom he proceeded to hunt then kill his father, Paul. Jerome was later killed by Theo Galavan, ending the family bloodline, until Hugo Strange resurrected him, months after Jerome's death.[2][3]

Known family members


  • Ironically, all members of the Valeska Family were killed by some form of weapon outfitted with a blade as Lila was bludgeoned with a hatchet, and both Jerome and Paul were stabbed with a knife.


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