So Gotham is going on their nearly year long break again. However what do we see in a trailer for the episodes going forward once it returns? Well tons of things. However one thing is this at 0:43 of the trailer. A cave Bruce is inside after Ivy kisses him. This cave has a shadowy figure with a cape on. This figure in the cave seems to be Batman. Inside a cave with many shadows around shaped like bats. This seems to be teasing Batman. However how can Bruce see his future self? Well similar to the drugs Gordon took that made him see some weird things from his past in that Red Queen episode, this seems to have Bruce see his future because of Ivy messing with his head using her plant based toxins through her lips. She usually uses them on Batman in canon. So this situation is something i theorize will play out like this. Ivy tries to become Bruce's new legal guardian. Using this opportunity to rise in power by making him fall in love with her. He ends up instead to be going inside a strange vision of the future where Batman is and inside he deals with what happened with Ra's death with Batman. Batman and Bruce talk things out. How it is important to move on and to never do it again. That he has responsibilities to uphold to both his parents and Alfred. He uses his memory of Alfred to beat past the toxins of Ivy and to finally gain back his bat mojo.

So what do you all think of my theory for this trailer? Do you feel i am right? What is your theories on the battles ahead for Bruce, Gordon, and Jerome? Put it down in the comments.

Gotham 4x12 Promo "Pieces of a Broken Mirror" (HD) Season 4 Episode 12 Promo

Gotham 4x12 Promo "Pieces of a Broken Mirror" (HD) Season 4 Episode 12 Promo

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