Leslie Thompkins 1

Dr. Leslie Thompkins, as seen in the DC comics universe.

According to, a familiar face to fans of the sci-fi series Firefly and/or Showtime's Homeland will be taking up residency (pun intended) in Gotham as supporting character Dr. Leslie Thompkins. Emmy nominated actress Morena Baccarin will take on the part, and while she is much younger than the character seen in the DC universe, it is likely that she will fill the same role. Here's how DC Database describes Dr. Thompkins:

"Dr. Leslie Thompkins is a physician in Gotham City and a supporting member to the Batman Family. She was a close friend of the late Thomas Wayne and helped raise his orphaned son Bruce Wayne with Alfred Pennyworth. Her pacifistic attitude makes her disapprove of Bruce's violent vigilante activities as Batman. However, she does her best to help save his life and others from her free clinic. This position has also made her a mentor figure to Batman, giving him critical advice when he needs moral guidance. Leslie Thompkins was created by Dennis O'Neil and Dick Giordano, first appearing in Detective Comics #457 [from 1976]."

What do you think of casting such a young actress for this part?

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Gotham Actress Morena Baccarin 001

Morena Baccarin as Inara Serra in Firefly.

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