There will be 16 characters. Eight against Eight. The character with the most votes will move on while the others lost. It will go from Eight against Eight to Four against Four to Two against Two and finally the last two will go against each other. Here is an example:

Aubrey James (28 votes) vs. Victor Zsasz (69 votes)


Also, vote in the comments.

Round One

Fish Mooney vs. Carmine Falcone (3 votes)

James Gordon (3 votes) vs. Edward Nygma

Harvey Bullock (3 votes) vs. Aubrey James

Penguin (2 votes) vs. Zsasz (1 vote)

Selina Kyle (2 votes) vs. Bruce Wayne (1 vote)

Alfred Pennyworth (2 votes) vs. Carmine Falcone (1 vote)

Renee Montoya vs. Crispus Allen (3 votes)

Barbara Kean vs. Sarah Essen (3 votes)

Round Two

Carmine Falcone vs. James Gordon

Harvey Bullock vs. Penguin

Selina Kyle vs. Alfred Pennyworth

Crispus Allen vs. Sarah Essen

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