Here is a list of characters, locations and items that should be in Gotham.


  • Jonathan Crane
  • Lucius Fox
  • Ferris Boyle
  • Victor Fries
  • Nora
  • Julian Day
  • Arnold Wesker
  • Jervis Tetch
  • Hugo Strange
  • Roman Sionis
  • Amadeus Arkham (mentioned)
  • Rupert Thorne
  • Arnold Flass
  • Howard Branden

Falcone Family

  • Alberto Falcone
  • Sofia Falcone
  • Carla Falcone
  • Mario Falcone
  • Lucia Falcone

Maroni Crime Family

  • Umberto Maroni
  • Pino Maroni


  • Blackgate
  • GothCorp
  • Park Row
  • Wayne Enterprises
  • Iceberg Lounge
  • Bowery
  • Jezebel Center
  • Crime Alley
  • Coventry
  • Diamond District


  • Penguin's Umbrella
  • Harvey Dent's Coin

What are some characters or things that you would like to see in Gotham?

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