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  • Nightslayer2

    Hey guys! Whenever I watch the T.V series Gotham, I get this strange reminder of Tim Burton's Batman and Batman Returns because of the show being either set either in the 1980s or the 1990s. There is a fan theory saying that Gotham is set before the 1960s Batman series, however, I doubt that because it seems unlikely. I have this feeling that it would be good to introduce some characters in Gotham who are from the Burtonverse. 

    Introduce Carl Grissom: Carl Grissom is Jack Palace's character in the 1989 Batman movie. He was originally meant to be Rupert Thorne, however, Tim Burton wanted a new character instead or he wanted to introduce a lesser known character from the comics. Anyway, Carl Grissom is introduced in the movie as a powerful crime…

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  • Nightslayer2

    Hey guys, 

    I have ideas on who could be the villians in the fourth season of Gotham and some ideas on the plotlines. 

    Harvey Dent Becomes Two-Face: In the episode Harvey Dent, we got to see Harvey snap into his mentally unstable side while speaking with Dick Lovecraft. Like in the DC Animated Universe, Harvey suffers from dissociative identity disorder as a result of years of repressing his anger and his evil alter ego is named Big Bad Harv, which emerges whenever Dent loses his temper. While running against Rupert Thorrne for mayor, Thorne steals his psychiatric file and blackmails him at a chemical plant. This results in stray gunfire ausing an electrical fire explosion that damages the left side of Dent's body. This allows Dent to become t…

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