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  • NathanJohnson

    If the show is indeed picked up for a fourth season, Danny Cannon has mentioned that he intends to reintroduce Jonathan Crane in order to do a Scarecrow story arc. Clayface's character will also be explored more in the next season. Although not officially confirmed as of yet, it has been suggested that Barbara Kean will act as a precursor Harley Quinn.

    Fingers crossed that Fox do greenlight a fourth season.

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  • NathanJohnson

    Basic Timeline

    July 11, 2016 by NathanJohnson

    Takes place in June.

    Takes place a month after All Happy Families Are Alike after after Bruce and Alfred discover Thomas' secret passageway.

    In a montage new crime lord Oswald Cobblepot has a man executed. Jim is preparing for another day at work. Barbara Kean arrives at Arkham Asylum. What is presumably later that evening, Theo Galavan gives "Zaardon" a mysterious drink.

    Zaardon causes havoc in the streets of Gotham and Gordon (now demoted to traffic cop) brings him in and Zaardon is shipped off to Arkham. Gordon is fired by Gillian Loeb for "assaulting" a cop. Gordon contemplates doing a favour for Cobblepot to get his job back. After a talk with Bruce, Gordon decides to collect a debt for Cobblepot which results in him killing a gangster. …

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  • NathanJohnson

    Out of all the villains depicted on the 3D Wall for Season 2, the one on the bottom right confuses me (the one under who appears to be the Joker).

    Here is a high quality cropped close up.

    Or could it just be a villain who didn't make it into the season? Seeing as it was said Calender Man and Mad Hatter would arrive, which didn't happen.

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