Warning: Heavy spoilers follow for the "Red Hood" episode.

ng.Hello people. So I have recently seen the Red Hood episode for Gotham Season 1, and this episode in particular gave me a few thoughts i would like to share. I may be wrong about these thoughts but I would not like to waste any more of your time, so let's go.  In this episode, I wanted to talk about this: As you know, in the previous episode, Zsasz has recruited Butch Gilzean into Penguin's club, correct? There is one scene when after they get the liquor and alcohol, Penguin mentions Fish Mooney and how much he "misses her". What I found interesting was Butch's response to this statement: "She got what she deserved". This leads me to this thought: Does Butch know what has happened to Fish? If you don't know, she ripped her left eye out, which leaves me to "got what she deserved". As some may have seen images about, she gets a new eye. But if Butch knows what has happened to Fish, then how? Well, since Butch technically now works for Zsasz, who works for Falcone, i got my brain working to find an idea: Falcone has mentioned Indian Hill before, right? What if Indian Hill is the place where Fish is located now? And what about Dollmaker? Is he maybe working for Falcone? Let me know in the comments below if maybe you have another idea! Thanks. Again, I may be completely wrong about this thought, but I just wanted to share this with you. And another thing. I would like to encourage users and many who are reading this to update some pages. Some pages look like they have not been edited in a while. So please, can one update? Thank you and have a nice day.

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