It may seem undiscriminating, but I must say that I have enjoyed almost everything I've seen in this vision of the Dark Knight's city. My personal favorite element, however, is equallly unquestionably the re-envisioned Penguin, who is so much more menacing than the tiny, waddling figure before, and yet still manages to elicit, due to a wonderful performance, empathy for his plight and situation.

I am hugely enjoying the 'life lessons' sinking in for the younger characters in general, shaping their similar but divergent paths. The various stories on display to date, do suggest a definite neutral option beyond 'good and evil', characters swayed by their momentary needs and sympathies, rather than with a fixed course. As long as she doesn't become a parody of the 'woman scorned', I will continue to enjoy the very complex agenda of Renee Montoya with regard to Jim Gordon and Barbara Kean as well. For me, the computer-enhanced shots of New York have made the city of Gotham a key character in this narrative, and that perhaps above all has helped to generate the impression vital to all the best TV shows, that what we're seeing goes on even when we're not watching, and that these people live in this parallel dimension 24/7.

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