I'm rather curious to see, and intrigued what others think. How far will Geoff Johns and the people at DC Comics look to establish a comic book compatible set of storylines here? What I mean is, will this ultimately be designed to feed back into the printed (or electronic) page as the long-missing lore of origins, or is it closer to being a springboard for the next big screen incarnation of the Dark Knight (or neither)?

Having seen only the Pilot I am impressed by the richness, the seeming depth, of the visual imagery, the extent to which the bustle and underbelly of Gotham have already been conveyed. Likewise, there are numerous small touches which caught my eye and ear which I already enjoy for the questions they raise. Although not a well-spoken thespian, Alfred does appear to preach the 'stiff upper lip' which, taken to excess, could be part of the Batman's emotional failure to connect with mankind on frequent occasions. Similarly. very few of the characters have the monochromatic clarity that so often features in tales of the Dark Knight, and although we have yet to see Harvey Dent, two-faces abound. Selina Kyle as the near-mute PoV character is also a delightful lingering presence on the edge of the frame, and all in all the creators seem to be embracing the advantages which a weekly serial offers, in comparison to a cinemtic blowout every few years.