2014 was a great year for fans, especially comic book fans! Along with Captain America, Guardians of the Galaxy, and more, we got to see a Batman spin-off with Gotham! If you've been watching, you probably already have your favorite lines, scenes, or characters.

Wikia has teamed up with Maker Studios for a series of fandom videos, and we've got one for Gotham! The video below is "Gotham's 7 Best Lines So Far" and is a collaboration with Wikia fan Jalen Evans and Youtuber Albert Lawrence. Check it out!

Gotham's 7 Best Lines So Far! - Year In Fandom 2014

Gotham's 7 Best Lines So Far! - Year In Fandom 2014

Head over to Year in Fandom Wikia for more great videos like this one!

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