aka Douglas Chen

  • I live in Cape Carmine
  • My occupation is Technician in GCG Hospital
  • I am male
  • Douglaschan1994

    The character's origin that created in this series was a projection of  epic characters.

    Falconi was a stronger but kind version of Penguin.

    Loeb was a version if he connive his criminal daughter(Vigilante is a kind of criminal).

    Badass Version of Catwoman.

    Jason Skolimski was a killer version of Batman.He have Black suits,black cars and even a secret room.

    Barbara Kean was a killer version of batgirl.

    Acrobatics inspire Bruce Wayne.

    whips inspire Catwoman

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  • Douglaschan1994
    • 'Hugo' means Wisdom,'Hugo Strange' means this person is intelligent but werid.
    • The Word Philo was highlighted in photo's subsquence. It means Love in greek.

    Thomas and Hugo stand too close,they share same personal region.That hints their relationship that could allow Hugo to use resources of Wayne foundation.

    • Actor B.D.Wong announced that he was a pan-sexual person.
    • Also,the name in photo Anu Schwarts and Andrew Weininger could reform to Arnold Schwarzenegger,the first live-action Mr.Freeze.
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  • Douglaschan1994

    Her biological Father may hinted to Jerome Valeska .

    The Tradition hair color of Barbara was red.

    Even James (Dark blonde) nor Kean (Blonde) could born a red hair baby.

    The poor administration of Arkham may give this a reason.

    (Man & woman patient stay in same section.)

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  • Douglaschan1994

    Character Silver st.Cloud in Fox was hinted to be  Theo Galavan ‘s secret daughter.

    • a line was hinted that he  Sourceincest with his little sister Tabitha
    • His gene was stronger than Tabitha, according to the heredity rules he will have a daughter.
    • both mother and daughter share same body curve and complexion 
    • watch parasuit scene at episode 2x11
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