Trope was a member of the Red Hood Gang.


Trope was present with the Red Hood Gang when they robbed the first bank and when Gus Floyd conceived the Red Hood identity. He later witnessed Clyde Destro shoot Gus, and participated in the gang's robbery of another bank. Some time later, Trope visited Clyde in his apartment for the red hood so that he could impress his girlfriend, ending with Trope shooting Clyde and escaping with the red hood before Jim Gordon and Harvey Bullock arrived. As the third Red Hood, he led the remaining members to rob a third bank. Because of the clues in Clyde's apartment, members of the GCPD were able to confront the Red Hood Gang outside the bank. Trope was the final member of the Red Hood Gang to be gunned down in the ensuing gunfight.[1]



Season 1


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