Tommy Elliot is a student of Anders Preparatory Academy.


Tommy and a friend confronted Bruce at school, asking about the gory details of his parents' deaths. Later, Tommy and a group of friends corner Bruce, mercilessly teasing him about his orphan status and insulting his mother. As a result, Alfred drives Bruce to Tommy's house, where Bruce surprises Tommy and knocks him down with three punches, using his father's watch as a knuckleduster. Alfred then tells Tommy to never make fun of the Wayne Family.[1]

Grace Blomdhal brought Bruce Wayne to where Tommy, Brant Jones and Emma Hsueh were. This time, Tommy doesn't mock Bruce to avoid a repeat of what happened. When it came to a night at a nightclub that he owns, Bruce was able to get Grace, Tommy, and Emma in but not Brant.[2]


Season 1

Season 4


  • In the DC comics, Thomas "Tommy" Elliot is a character created by artist Jim Lee and writer Jeph Loeb that was introduced in Batman #609 (January 2003) and is depicted as a former childhood friend of Bruce Wayne and a supervillain known as "Hush".
  • This is the first live-action incarnation of the character Tommy Elliot.
  • It is mentioned that the Elliots were one of the original five founding families of Gotham.


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