Thomas Wayne's lair is the secret workplace of Thomas Wayne under Wayne Manor.


After becoming a father made him want to be a better man, Thomas Wayne began asking hard questions about Wayne Enterprises, using this space as his secret workplace. He later left a letter to his son, Bruce in the case of his death, in the lair.[1]

Alfred smashed up a computer containing information on Wayne Enterprises, in an attempt to try and protect Bruce. However, he later hired Lucius Fox to fix it when Bruce was determined to find out the truth.[2] Lucius succeeded in restoring the computer's functions. [3]

Whilst training and hitting a punching bag, Bruce was approached by Alfred, who had managed to dig up information on his parents' possible killer, Patrick "Matches" Malone.[4]


Season 2



  • The code to unlock the door to the lair was "BRUCE", although Alfred and his ward blew the door open.[1]
  • In numbers, the code would then be "27833."
  • The lair is a nod towards the Batcave, a place that Batman uses as his hideout in much of the Batman related media and where he also keeps his costumes and gadgets. This is further supported when bats could be heard flapping around at the end of "All Happy Families Are Alike".


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