"This is the Narrows. The poorest of the poor. The hardest of the hard."
Harvey Bullock[src]

The Narrows is a neighborhood or district of Gotham City located on an island in the middle of the Gotham River. Within a week of the Wayne murders, the Gotham Chronicle reported an "alarming rise in criminal activity". A rise in poverty rates has been associated with the increased violence in The Narrows.[1]


In order to help out Theo Galavan, Oswald Cobblepot had Butch Gilzean and Selina Kyle enlist the Pike family to rob a building owned by Wayne Enterprises. It was said that the Pike Brothers were the "Firebugs of the Narrows" and were associated with Fish Mooney.[2]

In order to raise money for an operation on his brain, Edward Nygma took Butch Gilzean (who has been transformed into Solomon Grundy) to a fight club owned by Cherry in order to sign him up for the fights. In addition, Leslie Thompkins was working at Cherry's as their doctor.[3]

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  • The Narrows was introduced in the 2005 Christopher Nolan film Batman Begins as an island in the middle of Gotham River situated between Midtown and Downtown Gotham, which had a decaying and downtrodden neighborhood and had Arkham Asylum there. It "was lost" in the first film and converted into Arkham Asylum grounds in "Batman: Gotham Knight." Following this, it was carried over into the comics and other media projects.


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