The Hunter was a member of the League of Shadows who was responsible for overseeing Anubis. He traveled to Gotham City to hunt down Alex Winthrop for Ra's al Ghul.


The Hunter is a foreign-speaking member of the League of Shadows who was sent with Anubis to track down Alex Winthrop in order to get the Mesopotamian embalming knife that his grandfather Niles Winthrop was tracking. When Bruce Wayne and Jim Gordon tracked Alex to the Gotham City Library, the three of them were attacked by Anubis and The Hunter. While Gordon fought The Hunter, Bruce and Alex ran from Anubis where they managed to get away. When at the Gotham City Museum, Anubis and the Hunter tracked down Bruce and Alex just as Gordon arrived. After tricking Anubis out the window, Gordon helped Bruce to fight The Hunter where Gordon managed to stab and kill him.[1]


Season 4


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