"I'm the man who catches the poor souls brave enough to try to escape."
—The Catcher[src]

The Catcher is a security enforcer for The Dollmaker that works on the outside of the facility on Francis Dulmacher's Island.


Working for the Dollmaker

First meeting Fish Mooney when she walked outside, The Catcher warned her that she wasn't supposed to be there, as inside she was free to roam, but once she stepped outside, she was in his territory. Introducing himself as the man who caught the people who were brave enough to try and escape, he told her that if she made the mistake of wandering outside again, it'd be her last. He later killed Clint, Bugsy, and several other of the escaped captives after they were setup by Fish, as a distraction so she could make an escape with the helicopter. Although she escaped, The Catcher managed to shoot her in her side while the helicopter was rising in the air.[1]


Season 1


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