The whip is the signature weapon of Tabitha Galavan which she uses on many of her enemies. She would later let Selina Kyle use it in her training.


When Richard Sionis refused Theo Galavan's offer to join The Maniax after being broken out of Arkham Asylum with other inmates, Tabitha attacked Sionis with the whip, causing him to be throttled and pulled to the ground. Tabitha then proceeded to stab him to death.

Tabitha and Barbara Kean used the whip to torture a captive mayor Aubrey James who had his head locked in a metal box.

When Alfred Pennyworth attempted to locate Bruce Wayne (who had been kidnapped by Theo and the Order of St. Dumas) he came into confrontation with Tabitha at Theo's headquarters. When Alfred turned to leave, Tabitha attempted to attack him with the whip, but Alfred reacted quickly and grabbed the whip, much to Tabitha's shock. This led to a fight between them, and Alfred fled the scene.

When Theo Galavan came back to life, taking on the mantle of Azrael, he stabbed Tabitha in the stomac, nearly killing her, for her betrayal and took her whip to Wayne Manor in an attempt to kill Bruce Wayne. This attack was soon interrupted by Oswald Cobblepot and Butch Gilzean who blew him to bits with a rocket launcher, the whip is seen lying on the floor. Whether or not Tabitha retrieved the whip from the Manor or simply got a new one is uncertain.

Tabitha becomes partners in crime with Barbara Kean when they open The Sirens nightclub together, Barbara would constantly insist Tabitha on not bringing her whip to a gunfight. This would be ironic as Barbara would get murdered by Tabitha with the whip. This happened because Barbara killed Butch, who Tabitha was in love with. When Barbara pointed a gun at Tabitha and said "How many times have I told you not to bring a whip to a gunfight?", Tabitha used her whip to latch onto an electrical whire which she pulled into the puddle Barbara was standing in, electrocuting Barbara to death.

When Tabitha began mentoring Selina Kyle, she allowed Selina to practice with her whip. Selina was shown to be surprisingly effective in using it as it was only her first go.


  • The whip is a signature weapon used by Selina Kyle a.k.a. Catwoman in the comics.


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