"The Sword of Sin. Your ally and instrument of justice, a vanquisher of evil for generations, she thirsts for blood."
"Generations? That sword was made yesterday."
"It doesn't matter. Our replica is central to his acceptance of his new identity. An awe-inspiring, signature weapon.
Hugo Strange and Ethel Peabody[src]

The Sword of Sin was a Dumas family artifact that was wielded by Azrael The Warrior approximately 300 years ago. The sword was forged by the monks in the Order of St. Dumas and it is fabled to have Supernatural powers.



The sword was recovered by Theo and Tabitha Galvin’s grandfather who had the sword and other Dumas family artifacts buried with him when he died

Strange's Replica

Sword of sin replica

Strange's Replica

Dr. Hugo Strange had a replica of the Sword of Sin made for Theo Galvin after his resurrection so he could embrace his new identity is as Azrael and kill James Gordon.The replica sword was destroyed by Nathaniel Barnes when he fought Theo Galvin on the roof of the Gotham City Police Department.


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Season 1

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