Sally is an employee at the Foxglove.


Taken captive by the Ogre

Nine years previous, Sally met Jason Skolimski, and after getting into his car, he pulled a hood over her head and tied her wrists. When he brought her to his apartment, he scarred her face, though he eventually let her go for reasons unknown to her. Afterwards, Sally went to the police, though it yielded no results as she was a hooker and he was a rich man with no name.[1]

Working for the Foxglove

After the Foxglove was infiltrated by Detective Harvey Bullock, Sally later told her story to Bullock and Jim Gordon, remembering that Jason's apartment had been in midtown, and that across from it, she could read the last four letters of a neon sign, which after Bullock and Gordon discussed it, figured it had to be the Gotham Royal Hotel. Before the two left, Sally told Jim, that when he found the Ogre, not to arrest him, but to kill him.[1]


Season 1


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