Sal Maroni's cabin is a house in the woods owned by mob boss Salvatore Maroni that is located upstate from Gotham City.



Maroni took Oswald Cobblepot in a trip to the house after Fish Mooney called, saying that Oswald was a snitch for rival mob boss Carmine Falcone. Maroni then played a "loyalty game" with Oswald, with Maroni telling big secrets (like "Fish Mooney said that you work for Falcone) while Oswald telling useless secrets (like "I don't like tea). Maroni then said that he should tell him a big secret, and Oswald told him that he's got Maroni's revolver. Maroni then told him that the pistol is loaded with blanks, Penguin attempts to kill Maroni but finds out that Maroni was telling the truth. Maroni then knocked out Penguin and brought him to Duffy's Salvage to be killed via a car crusher.[1]


Season 1


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