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"Most people fight their dark side. Lately, you find ways to give in to it. That's a problem. For you and for us."
Leslie Thompkins to Jim Gordon

"Rise of the Villains: A Bitter Pill to Swallow" is the ninth episode of the second season of Gotham. It aired on November 16, 2015.


Gordon and Barnes continue cleaning up Gotham, and Gordon comes face-to-face with one of the city's most dangerous hitmen, Eduardo Flamingo. Meanwhile, Nygma and Penguin cross paths again, and Bruce pressures Galavan into handing over the name of his parents' murderer.[3]


With the news of the arrest of Theo Galavan's arrest on the front page of every newspaper, Tabitha went to a secret club to hire a hitman from a woman known as The Lady, to kill Jim Gordon since she was still a wounded after being shot at in the cathedral. At Gotham General Hospital, Gordon visited Barbara Kean, who was still in a coma after the accident. Elsewhere, the Penguin wakes up in the home of Edward Nygma and begins to frantically move around which forces Nygma to inject him with a sedative to calm him down and return him to sleep. At the GCPD, Leslie Thompkins intercepts Jim on his way to Galavan's penthouse, and given the recent events that occurred, it had shown Leslie that Jim was finding ways to give in to his inner darkness which worried her. However, Gordon acknowledges what she said, and asks to not talk about it at the moment as he was late to meet Barnes at Galavan's penthouse.

At Wayne Manor, Silver St. Cloud visited at the request of Bruce Wayne, asking him if he believed what the media was saying about her uncle, Theo. Telling her that he didn't, Bruce tries to ask her for help, as before Theo Galavan was arrested he made him an offer. However, his plan is thwarted when Alfred appears and makes it clear that in light of recent events, Silver wasn't welcome at the manor. Bruce and Alfred then argued over whether Silver could stay, though Silver offered to leave as she didn't want to cause any trouble. She leaves immediately after giving Bruce a key to her hotel room at the Kane Hotel, and after her departure, Bruce berates Alfred, as he didn't have a right to dismiss Silver. However, Alfred is confident in his actions knowing that Bruce could be jeopardized if he attempted to get information out of Silver. Since Bruce refuses to listen to Alfred, he decides to become his jailer to prevent the latter from seeing Silver and pursuing Galavan's claims. Meanwhile, Detective Gordon enters the elevator to Galavan's penthouse and is soon accompanied by a man sent there to repair a piano. Suddenly the man tries to kill him with piano wire, and the two intertwine in a violent battle until finally, Jim emerges victorious.

After the fight, Gordon drags the man before Captain Barnes showing him the piano wire and confirming that he was a professional killer. The man's phone began to ring, with The Lady telephoning her employee to check the status of the job, but after realizing that he had failed after hearing Gordon breathing over the phone, she chooses to send more people to finish the job. Meanwhile, at Nygma's apartment, the Penguin wakes up and attempts to leave but Nygma warns him that he can't go anywhere until his wounds heal. Ed then informs him that the meeting between the two was fate since he had embarked on a journey of killing and needed Oswald to guide him. However, the Penguin, still devastated by the death of his mother and empire in ruins, decides to take this opportunity to drop everything and leave Gotham forever; after rising again, Penguin passes out due to his injuries. At Galavan's penthouse, Gordon attempts to interrogate his assassin, but after doing so unsuccessfully, he places the killer on the edge outside of a window, threatening to drop him if he didn't talk. Seeing Gordon do so, Barnes rebukes him for his actions and the disobedience that led to his kidnapping at the hands of Barbara. Suddenly they stop talking and thanks to the video cameras the building, they are alerted to several armed men entering the lobby to finish the unfinished job of killing Gordon.

Having only the help of Cortez, a forensic scientist and a rookie, Officer Parks, Gordon and Barnes strategically position to await the confrontation, while awaiting the arrival of more reinforcements. A few seconds one of the killers appears behind using the stairs and kills Cortez. The others manage to blow up the door and enter the room shooting, but the three policemen quickly manage to repel the assault and Jim kills his original assassin after he threatens the life of Officer Parks. Barnes immediately orders for them to evacuate for fear of a new wave of assassins, but Gordon refuses to leave believing that the evidence against Galavan could be destroyed if they left. Seeing something in a hole behind a painting Jim finds a white monk's cassock. Suddenly, one of the killers gets up and attempts to attack Gordon with a knife to kill him, but Barnes comes between them and kills the attacker. Unfortunately, he receives a stab wound to his left leg that punctured an artery, which threatened to bleed out if moved.

At Nygma's apartment, Ed reveals that he kidnapped one of Galavan's employees, Leonard. He then reveals that Theo had been arrested by Detective Gordon for Mayor James' abduction, and then tells Penguin to kill Leonard as retribution for the murder of his mother. However, Penguin refused to do so as he claimed he needed some rest then he was leaving Gotham forever. While taking Leonard out of the room, Ed recognized a song Penguin was singing under the covers. Because of the failure of her the killers she had sent, the Lady chooses to contact Eduardo Flamingo, one of her former employees who's membership had been revoked because of his tendency to eat his victims, asking him to kill Gordon. At the penthouse, while awaiting the arrival of reinforcements and ambulance, Barnes asks Gordon what was happening to him. The Detective tells him that he was struggling to restrain his inner darkness, citing the case of the cathedral in which wanted to shoot Barbara when he had the chance. It then prompted Barnes tells a story about his past in the army in which he accidentally killed a young man. He told Gordon that it tormented him for years until he made peace with the past after understanding that there was a line between good and evil, and the law was what separated them from the animals.

At Wayne Manor, Bruce pretended to head for bed, saying goodnight to Alfred, but the butler reveals to having sent the taxi he called in secret away, and that he had also taken the key Silver had given him, without Bruce noticing. Despite that, Bruce decides not to give up to get the information Galavan had. Back at Nygma's apartment, Penguin wakes up hearing Ed singing the song his mother used to sing to him as a child to encourage him when he was sad. When he tries to leave again, Ed faces him to make him see that for people like them love was a weakness and that they were better unattached. He then tells him that his mother was his weakness, and Oswald takes a knife to his throat, though Ed tells him that a man with nothing that he loved was a man who couldn't be bargained, betrayed, and answered to no one, with Penguin seeing the truth in his words. Outside Galavan Towers, the GCPD reinforcements arrived, but within seconds they are all killed by Flamingo. Seeing Flamingo on the cameras, Gordon decides to face down Flamingo although Barnes tries to stop him, though reluctantly agrees to let him go in the end.

Arriving outside, Gordon finds several police cars with their officers killed. Flamingo immediately appears armed with a chain and initiates a series of attacks against him. Jim moves fast and despite sustaining several blows, he lands several of his own. Eventually, after a series of well-aimed punches, Jim throws Flamingo to the ground and continues to beat him. Seeing the villain laugh, the detective takes a gun and puts it in his mouth. But with a cry of frustration, Gordon overcomes his inner darkness and does not kill Flamingo. Later more police arrive on the scene, and Officer Parks offers to escort Flamingo personally to the GCPD. At Nygma's apartment, Nygma and Penguin had a meal together while singing. Penguin then asks what had happened to Leonard, and Nygma proceeded to take Penguin to his location. At Wayne Manor, Bruce tries to sneak out to see Silver. Suddenly, Selina Kyle appears to prevent him from doing so, as unlike before, she had proof to back up her claims.

At the GCPD, Officer Parks arrives with Flamingo but the murderer falls to the ground, feigning sickness. Taking advantage of Park's carelessness, Flamingo lunged for Park's neck, biting her with his teeth while the rest of the policemen attempted to separate them. Meanwhile, Leslie tended to Jim's wounds and asks him to always tell the truth. Gordon's phone then began to ring, and Leslie answered it, with Detective Alvarez informing her of the death of Officer Parks at the hands of Eduardo Flamingo. At Blackgate Penitentiary, Theo rebukes Tabitha for hiring hitmen knowing that it had been motivated by her feelings towards Barbara. With the brother's arrival imminent, Bruce Wayne's death, and Gotham City finally theirs, he warns his sister if she endangered the prize like that again would not hesitate to cut her throat. Meanwhile, at the docks, Father Creel welcomes the brothers of the order as they arrived in the city. When the group is confronted by a night watchman, the monks proceed to kill him.




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