For the character whose identity he stole, see Richard Gladwell.

Richard Gladwell was the pseudonym of a highly skilled hitman who worked for the highest bidder.


Stealing an identity

He killed Richard Gladwell, and took his identity.[1]

Working for the Dons

The man masquerading as Gladwell also took up a position in Human Resources under his cover identity, which is where Detectives Gordon and Bullock tracked him down. He used a telescopic device to kill Councilman Ron Jenkins and his aide. Then he burned Councilman Zeller alive in the grounds of Arkham Asylum to leave a clear message on the orders of his client Carmine Falcone. He managed to give the two detectives the slip, however, and sought to complete a contract on the life of the Mayor, Aubrey James, a hit put out by Sal Maroni. The killer was gunned down by Bullock and Gordon in the Mayor's own residence.[1]


Gladwell, as he was known, prided himself on his professionalism and detachment, and went to the lengths of explaining his actions to his victims on a number of occasions. He was highly methodical, and very cool under pressure.


Season 1


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