Randall Milkie was a custodian and the original Spirit of the Goat.


Randall Milkie was a custodian and borderline out-patient. Both detectives Harvey Bullock and Dix had previously encountered the Goat killer and presumed him dead. However, Dr. Marks brought the Goat back by subjecting Milkie to hypnotherapy. He was treated by Dr. Marks in hypnotherapy, but was hypnotized (without his knowledge) into becoming the Spirit of the Goat. As the Spirit of the Goat, he murdered several of Gotham's wealthier citizens' first-born children. Soon after murdering his latest victim Shelly Lawson, Randall Milkie was tracked down by Detectives Bullock and Dix. After using a trap to cripple Dix, Randall Milkie was killed by Bullock.[1]


Season 1


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