"He who rises from the waters, whom death shall not touch... with this sacred blade, his final savage destiny shall be fulfilled. The earth will quake. Blood will flow. All tremble before the Demon's Head."

Ra's al Ghul's knife is a magical artifact passed down by the leader of the League of Shadows to his successor. This embalming knife has the power to kill people who have been revived by the Lazarus Pit, instantly turning them to their true age.


The knife was used in ancient Mesopotamia to embalm King Balahsi in the first century.[1] Alex Winthrop, an avid student of history, noted that the cuneiform present on the knife was pre-Phoenician, and was translated through the use of a Palmerian Codex by Niles Winthrop.[2]

In the 21st century, it was used by Bruce Wayne to kill Ra's al Ghul, instantly mummifying him after he was tempted by the latter.[3]


Season 4


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