Patrick Malone's apartment (number 9B) was the residence of Patrick "Matches" Malone - the man responsible for the murder of Bruce Wayne's parents Thomas and Martha.


After Bruce Wayne found out the identity of his parent's murderer as Patrick "Matches" Malone, he managed to acquire Malone's address from nightclub runner and band member Jeri. Bruce arrived at Malone's address, claiming to want to hire him out for a hit. He was allowed entranced to Malone's apartment, and when confirming to himself he found the right guy, pulled a gun out on him. Malone didn't flinch and just sat in his chair, and failed to recall the hit that had occurred two years prior. But once his memory was jogged he remembered Bruce. Malone, shown to be tired and fed up with always getting away with his terrible crimes, attempted to goad Bruce into killing him, referring to himself as a monster. But Bruce decided not to kill Malone, as he didn't see him as a monster and only a man. With that Bruce put down his gun and left. Malone then used the gun to commit suicide, just as Detective Jim Gordon arrived on the scene.[1]


Season 2


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