A cane in the shape of a penguin head is the preferred walking aid of Oswald Cobblepot besides an umbrella. With a hidden knife in it, the walking cane can also be used as a nondescript weapon.


Oswald used the cane when he showed Ivy Pepper sketches for his new club, The Iceberg Lounge and afterwards cheerfully inspected the frozen Riddler.[1]

He also took the cane with him when he, Ivy and Victor Zsasz visited Barbara Kean at her weapon store to threaten her.[2]

After Edward Nygma was unfrozen and taken by Myrtle Jenkins, Cobblepot brought along his walking stick when he and Zsasz visited Jenkins at her apartment.[3]

Penguin relied on his cane during a confrontation with Edward Nygma at the Iceberg Lounge.[4]


Season 2

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Season 4


  • In the DC Comics, Oswald Cobblepot uses an umbrella-themed cane.


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