Miami[1] is a major city located on the southern tip of Florida in the United States.


Having been told he was dying, former crime boss Carmine Falcone moved to Miami from Gotham City in order to be with his daughter Sofia, the latter whom has been living in the city since the age of 13. Jim Gordon arrived at Falcone's estate in order to persuade him to return to Gotham in order to help him take down ruling crime lord Oswald Cobblepot, however Falcone turned down the offer as he was dying. Sofia (who has been operating as a criminal in Miami) followed Gordon back to Gotham in order to help him on his quest.[2]




Season 1

Season 4


  • Miami is the first city to be featured in the show other than Gotham.


  • Miami has appeared in the DC Universe as well as comics related to the Batman franchise.


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