Metropolis[1] is a city located in the United States.


A vinyl record featuring the song about Solomon Grundy is offered for sale in Gotham City and Metropolis only.

While camping near Slaughter Swamp, a group of men listened to one of these vinyl records and sang to it. Afterwards, a confused Butch Gilzean revived by biomedical waste from Indian Hill attacked the campers and afterwards took on the name Solomon Grundy from the song that was still playing.[2]

When Tabitha Galavan abducted Solomon Grundy from the Cherry's, she lured him by playing a Solomon Grundy vinyl record. She then rolled a smoke grenade in front of Grundy's feet and took him to an empty warehouse in order to restore her former boyfriend's memories.[3]


Season 4


Gotham Records - Solomon Grundy
  • In the DC Comics, Metropolis is the home of Clark Kent, otherwise known as Superman.
  • Even though the vinyl record used on the show turned too fast to identify the labeling on it, Drew Powell himself later published a detailed photo of the prop, confirming the existence of Metropolis in the Gotham Universe.


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