Mario Pepper was a mentally unstable ex-con, abusive father and the person framed for the murders of Thomas and Martha Wayne. He was later shot and killed by Harvey Bullock.


Given his wife's bruises on her face, and his daughter's assertion at the door that "He's mean.", it seems reasonable to conclude that he was a domestic tyrant. Alice's later statement that "God knows, my husband had his demons," would appear to support this as well as James Gordon stating he was currently on parole. When Detectives James Gordon and Harvey Bullock visited Mario Pepper (and his family) during the investigation of the murder of the Waynes, Mario quickly ran off but was chased down by James. He would later be killed by Harvey Bullock in defense of James' life. It was subsequently revealed that Mario was framed by Fish Mooney.[1]

Two years after his death, the real killer was revealed to be Patrick Malone - who killed himself shortly after being confronted by Bruce Wayne.[2]


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