Maniax Graffiti refers to various drawings spread all over Gotham City meant to honor Jerome Valeska, the former leader of the Maniax. After their idol's death, Jerome's Followers began leaving graffiti across the city, which consisted of eyes and a "HA!HA!HA!HA!HA!" painted in red under it in the shape of a smile.


Over the course of only a few weeks, mysterious tags popped up on vacant walls across Gotham City, with many alluding to maniacal laughter. The newspaper Gotham Chronicle reported about this mysterious phenomenon in an article called "Vandals Mark City", asking readers that have any information about the graffiti to contact the GCPD immediately, since no suspects had been identified yet.[1]

When Tabitha Galavan walked down a street in Gotham City with the intention of visiting a secret club to hire a hitman from a woman known as The Lady to kill James Gordon, a Jerome Graffiti sprayed onto the wall of a building was seen.[2]

After Oswald Cobblepot went into hiding to avoid getting arrested by the GCPD for the murder of Theo Galavan, he eventually ended up disguised as a homeless in a secluded alley where a Maniax Graffiti was drawn on a house.[3]

A Jerome Graffiti sprayed on a house was visible when Jim Gordon, Bruce Wayne and Alfred Pennyworth were carrying out their attack on a prisoner transport to save Karen Jennings. Later on, another Maniax Drawing was seen on a wall located under a bridge where Bruce, Alfred, Gordon and Karen were confronted by Mr. Freeze.[4]

Another Maniax graffiti was visible when Oswald Cobblepot and Edward Nygma went down a street in the Narrows after former one just escaped Arkham Asylum. However, the graffiti was already covered with various other scribbles at this point.[5]



  • The Maniax graffiti are a reference to the Joker, of whom Jerome Valeska is based off.


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