Janice Caulfield was a city councilor and candidate for mayor after Aubrey James' disappearance.


Janice Caulfield was a known environmental activist. Later on in her life, she got a job as a counselor on the Gotham City Council.[1]

Candidacy for Mayor

After Mayor Aubrey James went missing and Deputy Mayor Harrison Kane was killed by Jerome Valeska, Janice, along with Theo Galavan and Randall Hobbs, became a candidate for mayor.[1]


Galavan ordered Oswald Cobblepot to dispose of Janice Caulfield when he threatened Gertrud Kapelput. At her campaign base during the night, two masked assailants invaded Janice's workplace. Oswald Cobblepot was one of them where he went into her office and closed the door while a masked Butch Gilzean held the other people present at their positions. Pulling down his mask to introduce himself, Janice soon after begged for her life pleading that she was a mother. Oswald told her that he had a mother too and stabbed her multiple times. Afterwards, the two assistants that were present were told by Cobblepot to keep quiet about what he just did. Her body was later found by the GCPD in a pool of blood.[1]


Season 2


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