Jacob Skolimski is the father of Jason Skolimski, and the former butler of Constance van Groot.


Working as the butler of Constance van Groot, and living with her, Constance treated Jacob's son, Jason, as if he were her own son, leading him on, and making him think that he was her secret son. Though Jacob tried to tell him otherwise, later in life becoming convinced that van Groot was his mother, Jason confronted her and demanded that she acknowledge him as her son, give him her name, and put him in her will. After laughing at him, telling him that she had been leading him on and that it was all a joke, Jason stabbed Constance, killing her. Feeling guilty about it all, Jacob helped him cover it up. He did not hear from his son until almost a decade later when Jason called him to warn him that the police were coming. Attempting to hang himself, Jacob was stopped by Detectives Jim Gordon and Harvey Bullock. He later told the story to Gordon and Bullock, becoming baffled when he was told that his son had been seducing and killing women for over a decade, as Jason had a highly disfigured face - at least the last time Jacob saw him.[1]


Season 1


  • There is perhaps something of an in-joke in Jacob's profession since Daniel Davis' most famous role is that of the British butler Niles for all six seasons of The Nanny.


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