Ian Hargrove is a patient at Arkham Asylum.


Early life

Ian Hargrove had suffered from mental problems since childhood, which his parents were financially unable to get treatment for. His brother tried to keep him out of trouble and away from bad influences, but could not. Ian developed an uncanny talent for making explosives, which he used to bomb twelve buildings. However, these bombings were 'well-intended', as Ian targeted buildings that made weapons, such as missiles. When he realized that people were hurt due to his actions, Ian felt guilty and turned himself in. He was subsequently sent to Blackgate.[1]

Working for the Russians

During a transfer from Blackgate to a mental hospital, Ian was taken hostage by the Russian Mob led by Gregor Kasyanov. He was forced to make explosives for them, under the threat that they would kill his brother John if he refused. In a desperate attempt to be rescued, Ian secretly put a serial plate in one of the bombs, which allowed Detectives James Gordon and Harvey Bullock to track him to an abandoned warehouse. However, the mob arrived and took Ian hostage again. Ian was finally saved while the mob was breaking into the Armory where Don Falcone's money was hidden. After making it into police custody, Ian became one of the first patients of Arkham Asylum[1].


Season 1


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