"See, I always shoot twice. The first one does the job. Every time. But the second one, well...that's just my signature."
—Headhunter introducing himself to James Gordon[src]

Headhunter was a hitman who worked for Oswald Cobblepot to temporarly replace Victor Zsasz as security counselor. In order to find Professor Pyg, Headhunter and his squad beat and tortured their way through Gotham City, but was later killed by Penguin due to his failure. He had a habit of shooting his victims twice, the first shot to kill the person, the second one as his signature, since he never missed the first shot to the head.


Working For Penguin

When Victor Zsasz was away from Gotham City to visit his bubbie, he recommended Headhunter to his boss Oswald Cobblepot as a replacement for the crime family's security consultant until he returns. Headhunter accompanied Cobblepot and his men where they assisted the Gotham City Police Department into hunting down Professor Pyg in The Narrows. Thanks to a trap by Professor Pyg that had them accidentally shooting a captive Officer Patel that set off a machine gun trap, Headhunter got wounded as Jim Gordon uses one of Cobblepot's weapons to destroy the machine gun and save everyone.


After their plan failed, Penguin and Headhunter arrived back at The Iceberg Lounge. While still being weakened by his injured eye, Headhunter sat down to rest and told Cobblepot that Gordon was right about the trap. However, Cobblepot drew a knife hidden in his cane to stab Headhunter in his throat. Cobblepot then pulled the blade out only to ram it into Headhunter's chest, ironically telling his failed security consultant that the second one is his signature before heading to his office, leaving the dying Headhunter behind.[1]


Season 4


  • Like in the DC comics, Headhunter always shot twice; the second shot was his trademark since he never missed the first shot to the head.


  • The character was created by Doug Moench and Jim Aparo. He first appeared in Batman #487 (December 1992) and is depicted as a skilled mercenary who was opposed by several criminals and always shoots twice. The second shoot is his trademark since he never misses the first shot to the head. This changed when he was hired to kill Commissioner Gordon and missed not once but twice, forcing him to spent a third bullet, the first in his career. He is stopped by Batman and taken into custody by Commissioner Gordon.


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