Haly's Circus is a traveling show, boasting a wide array of acts.


Haly's Circus came to Gotham, and while there, Jerome Valeska killed his mother, Lila Valeska.[1]

Known employees


Season 1


  • Haly's Circus debuted in Detective Comics #38 created by Bob Kane and Bill Finger. It was owned by a man named C.C. Haly and was where Dick Grayson grew up with his parents John and Mary until the day when Tony Zucco's men sabotaged the trapeze ropes which killed John and Mary after C.C. Haley refused to pay protection money to Tony Zucco.


  1. Heller, Bruno (writer) & Hunter, Jeffrey (director) (February 16, 2015). "The Blind Fortune Teller". Gotham. Season 1. Episode 16. FOX.

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