Gotham Wiki's users are expected to adhere to policies and follow guidelines, and with manual of style these are no different.

Naming Articles

There are several rules to article names on Gotham Wiki.

  • Article names should have the first letter of every word capitalized, except for prepositions e.g. "of", "in".
  • Naming for character articles must not use the character's title e.g. "Francis Dulmacher" not "Dr. Francis Dulmacher", "Carmine Falcone" not "Don Carmine Falcone". Only time a title may be used, is when a first name isn't given.


Articles on Gotham Wiki are one of two types:

  • In-universe: Articles should be written as if the Gotham universe was the real world. For example, book articles should not be referred to in a sentence. These articles include all character, location, flora and fauna, event etc. articles. Basically, any article without a real world article is an in-universe article.
  • Real world: Articles should be written from "our", "real world" perspective. Including cast and crew.

Usage and Spelling

Style and Language

Formal use of language is mandatory on all canon mainspace articles. Mainspace articles on Gotham Wiki aim to be as encyclopedic and authoritative as possible, and this is not possible without appropriate use of language.


American spelling is mandated on all canon mainspace articles on Gotham Wiki, on any template transcribed on articles, and on all official announcements. Users' local spellings may, however, be used on any talk page or user page.

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