Gotham: A City Gone Mad is a three-part commercial mini-series sponsored by Ford that debuted on FOX on May 8, 2017 and concluded on May 18, 2017. It takes place between the Gotham episodes Heroes Rise: The Primal Riddle and Heroes Rise: Light The Wick.[1]


A documentary crew led by Johnny Battles tries to interview Tabitha Galavan and Barbara Kean at the Sirens Nightclub.[2]


Main Cast

Guest Cast


The mini-series was created by marketing agencies Wunderman and Global Team Blue. It focuses on the 2017 Ford Escape and integrates its features into the plot of the single episodes.


# Episode name Original airdate
1 "A City Gone Mad: Sirens" May 8, 2017

In the short film, "A City Gone Mad," based on Fox's hit show, "Gotham," documentary filmmaker Johnny Battles will stop at nothing to find out the truth about Gotham's most powerful villains. Up first is Tabitha Galavan, a formidable foe who only agrees to a sit-down when prompted with information about "the docs." With that, Battles' companion gets ready for a quick departure by starting their 2017 Ford Escape with the FordPass app on her smartphone. The story continues at

2 "A City Gone Mad: The Interview" May 12, 2017
3 "A City Gone Mad: Mommy's Home" May 18, 2017
The short film "A City Gone Mad" continues in an abandoned warehouse where documentary filmmaker Johnny Battles and his camera crew experience the devious ways of Gotham's villains firsthand. After Tabitha Galavan and Barbara Kean try getting information out of the crew about the court, they agree to take a road trip and track down the raw footage from interviews they conducted around town instead. Driving off in the 2017 Ford Escape, they call Butch at the Sirens Club over a voice-operated system to let him know about the little present they left him. The story concludes at


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