The GCPD Massacre was an invasion of the Gotham City Police Department orchestrated by The Maniax.

The Massacre

Jerome Valeska and the other members of the Maniax entered the building after Barbara Kean lured Jim Gordon to the outside. Jerome began the massacre by holding Commissioner Sarah Essen at gunpoint, the other thugs then killed nearly all the cops inside the building with shotguns.[1]


After the cops were incapacitated, the maniax finished the wounded ones and Jerome and Robert Greenwood made a video of Jerome menacing Sarah, Greenwood said a line that was Jerome's and in return Jerome shot him dead. Jerome then killed Sarah and fled.[1]


It was revealed that Andrew Dove had taken part in fighting the Maniax during this event before becoming an informant to Dwight Pollard. This was mentioned when Gordon and Harvey Bullock were trying to get answers out of Andrew Dove on what Dwight was planning.[2]



The Maniax


  • Sarah Essen
  • 9 GCPD members
  • Robert Greenwood


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