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Frank Gordon is the uncle of Jim Gordon and connected to the mysterious Court of Owls in Gotham City.


Frank and Kathryn had a meeting in a darkened room, in which they said they still regarded the new mayor Oswald Cobblepot as a criminal. Frank then informs her that "judgment will come to all".[1]

Frank and Kathryn overlook the destruction of Gotham after a blackout caused by Jerome Valeska which lead to his followers to cause anarchy. Kathryn mentions that if it escalates further they will be forced to intervene, however he opts out, wishing for his nephew Jim and the Gotham City Police Department to be left to deal with it. The GCPD do manage to deal with the situation by sunrise, with Jerome captured and to be sent off to Arkham Asylum. Frank is present when Kathryn informs the the clone of Bruce Wayne that he would soon be called upon. Frank leaves and calls to Jim's apartment, causing confusion to his nephew about his sudden appearance.[2]


Season 3


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