Francis Dulmacher's Island is a cay that is the headquarters of Francis Dulmacher.


Francis Dulmacher used the island, in an unknown location, as his main headquarters where he kept his prisoners and had his fellow doctors harvest their parts for various uses.

The outside of his facility is patrolled by heavily armed security personnel, led by someone that calls himself The Catcher, who makes sure that anyone who escapes the facility doesn't get off the island alive.[1]

Fish Mooney's incarceration

Fish Mooney's boat was attacked by the Dollmaker's Henchmen and she was captured and brought to the basement. Fish, looking to escape the island quickly, claimed leadership of the prisoners by slicing Mace's throat.[2]

She later made a deal with Thomas Schmidt, in order to get him to have whoever owns the prison to grant her an audience. Thomas follows this demand and remains with the prisoners while Mooney is taken away.[3]. She then talked to the Manager of the island and destroyed her own left eye with a spoon before the Manager could take it and kill her.[4]

The Dollmaker was impressed by Mooney, and she wanted him to make her his assistant. His condition involved Schmidt's release even after providing her a new left eye. Dollmaker also demonstrated to Mooney what happens to those who failed him and could still be of use to him, by showing the former Office Manager, who had been disassembled and reassembled with different female parts. Mooney was successful in this role and gained Dollmaker's trust.[5].

Mooney then planned her escape. Clint, Bugsy, and the most ruthless prisoners were gunned down by The Catcher. While Dollmaker was knocked out by the escaping inmates, Mooney did get the others to the helicopter and was wounded by The Catcher during takeoff, yet survived to make it back to Gotham City.[1]




Season 1


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