Not to be confused with Falcone Manor
"...this house, this city is in my veins. I'm home, Jim."
Sofia Falcone to James Gordon[src]

Falcone Mansion was the home of Carmine Falcone where he resided apart from the Falcone Manor and raised his daughter Sofia Falcone. After Sofia returned to Gotham City 10 years later, she moved back in the building.


Penguin at Falcone Mansion

Cobblepot watching a news report during a visit at Falcone Mansion.

When Sofia Falcone was seven or eight, she snuck downstairs one night only to find her father Carmine Falcone with a man on his knees before him. Even though the man was begging for forgiveness, Carmine stabbed him in his neck. The next morning there wasn't a trace of blood and the Falcones had breakfast as if nothing happened.[1]

After leaving Miami and moving back to Gotham City to assist James Gordon in his plan to take down ruling crime lord Oswald Cobblepot, Sofia Falcone moved back into the Falcone Mansion.[2][3]

Penguin and Zsasz at Falcone Mansion

The Penguin and Victor Zsasz pay Sofia an unpleasant visit at Falcone Mansion.

One evening, James Gordon visited Sofia at her mansion and she told him about the one night years ago when she was still a child and saw her father stabbing a man in this house. After she showed him the table she and her family had breakfast at the next morning, she explained Gordon even though he might thinks she wants to stay far away from Gotham, this house and the city itself is in her veins and she is home now. However, Jim changed the topic by telling her that the topic on the street is that three Falcone Capos have gone missing whereupon Sofia moved on by explaining him that they were in hiding and Penguin used her as bait to draw them out and kill them. When James asked her if she let him, Sofia told him not to act the innocent, since he himself came to Carmine Falcone for help and it was never gonna be bloodless. Thereafter, Gordon questioned Sofia if her plan consists of gaining Penguin's confidence and that Jim has to know what happens afterwards, but Sofia refused and told him she will win the city back from Cobblepot for him. She then requested his trust from him and tried to lay her hand on Gordon's cheek. However, James prevented her from doing so, threw her wine glass into the fireplace, then started to kiss her and the two began making out on a couch.[4]



Behind the Scenes

  • The Falcone Mansion is the reused and redecorated set for the Van Dahl Mansion from Season 2 and Season 3, best to recognize by the identical fireplace and windows.


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