Duffy is the owner of Duffy's Salvage.


Duffy was ordered by Don Maroni to use his car crusher to crush a car with Oswald Cobblepot in it. While doing so, Duffy got a call from Cobblepot, who told him that he was the right-hand man of Don Carmine Falcone, the Don who actually ran Gotham City, and Falcone would send a team up to skin Duffy alive, and slaughter his family if he used the car crusher to kill Cobblepot. After hearing this, Duffy stopped the car crusher, and ran away from his salvage yard, being chased by Maroni.[1]


Season 1


  1. Stephens, John (writer) & Behring, John (director) (February 2, 2015). "The Fearsome Dr. Crane". Gotham. Season 1. Episode 14. FOX.

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